Iron Byron above is the true definition of “swing machanics”, for the rest of us no two golf swings are exactly alike. Swings are a lot like finger prints; your swing is unique to you. John Daly said everyone told him he would have to change his swing if he wanted to be a pro. He said he tried but he only knew one way to swing.

You could not teach some to swing like John Daly and you could not teach John Daly to swing like anyone else.

That is why there are so many differnt swings on tour. Craig Stadler isn’t going to swing the same as Freddy Couples but they look the same at impact because it s all about storing and releasing energy, not the style you use to accomplish this. It is important that you don’t try to change your swing to fit someone else’s style.

Be true to your own. I have put these short videos of my swing on the site, not for you to try to duplicate them, but rather to show you how I store and release energy.

Click here to see my golf swing.

An excellent book I would recommend to help you find your swing is Holographic Golf by Larry Miller. He also wrote Beyond Golf. In Holographic Golf, he makes the point that you can only duplicate three positions in golf; the setup, the top of your back swing and the finish. Most golfers are trying to control a position of their swing on the way down, which physically can’t be done.

Find the three positions that help you best store and release energy and you will have found your unique swing.

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