The only true power over fear is commitment. Since it is misplaced fear that triggers the left brain and destroys the flow of the right brain, it is true of the power of commitment that must be understood to achieve true excellence.

Picture a plank of wood like in the picture below, but thirty feet long.

If it was on the ground, you would have no problem walking from end to end like the children in the picture. Now everytime you cross the plank, it raises ten feet in the air. How high would it have to get before you would not cross?

At some point, you would not run the risk of falling and your fear would freeze you. In this case, your fear and left brain are doing their job.


Now lets say the plank is a thousand feet in the air between two skyscrapers, there is a strong wind and the plank is icy and wet. An offer of ten million dollars has been made to you if you cross, but it is still not enough incentive to get your fear and reason to release your feet, since you face an almost certain death.

Then you are informed that a loved one of yours is suspended from the other side of the plank and the rope holding them will break any moment unless you cross to save them. Your brakes release and you cross the plank.

True commitment transcends fear because it shifts everything.

By this, I mean it was your fear of falling that had you frozen. All of a sudden, all fear was gone because falling was no longer a concern. Even if you fell to your death, dying to save a loved one is not something your left brain would try to prevent if you had true commitment.

Your mind could see either image depending on your commitment.

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