Golf is an offering.

It offers the golfer an opportunity to trust. The sport that most mirrors this offering to golfers is bungee cord jumping, yes bungee cord jumping. There is one thing that all bungee cord jumpers must have in common; they trust the cord.

It is this faith, trust and act of surrender that frees the jumper to fly and fall to earth. On the way down, the jumper feels no tension from the cord as if it were not even attached. Then at the last moment when length and elasticity is gone, the jumper is saved.

The golf swing is the same way.

You should feel no power being created as your relaxed limbs lengthen and stretch out. It is only after the ball is gone, do you feel the release of power. Most golfers are “hitters” rather than “swingers” and grab hard at the top of thier swings, taking the elasticity out of their limbs in an attempt to feel power being created. They don’t trust that power that they can’t feel could exist. They are not going to wait to the last minute to find out. This would be the same as a bungee cord jumper trying to crawl up the cord to make it tight to be sure it would hold them. You don’t get to feel the speed of the club head until the ball is gone and if you try, you will dissipate your energy. That requires trust.

I don’t bungee cord jump because I have no desire to put my trust in the cord. Therefore, it would be terrifying to me. I have seen many golfers on the first tee look as if they we stepping off a bridge with no cord at all. You must find the desire and ability to trust your swing or you’re in for a rough ride to the bottom.

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  1. Mike Luca says:

    I reviewed a few article before my flight. Good stuff Rick.

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