Zen Golf can show you ways to learn and enjoy this great game that you have not experienced before or dreamed possible.

My name is Rick Slater and I have been teaching Zen golf over the last twenty years. My journey into the discovery of Zen Golf started in 1974 with the reading of the book “Inner Tennis.”  This great book led me to search for the “Inner Game” of golf.  At the time, I was playing for a large University and had grown up being taught by traditional methods, but something always seemed to be missing in the game for me.

After reading “Inner Tennis” I discovered what it was.  I quit my college team and went out on my journey to discover the “Inner Game” of golf.  At the time, I could not find any instructors of Zen Golf or the “Inner Game” of golf, so I set out on my own journey to find the truth of the game and the missing pieces.  Below is Dr Parent author of “Zen Golf” and myself after a wonderful round of golf at his country club.What I found over the next two years was a game full of mystery and truth.  Golf is life and life is golf.  Kjell Enhager wrote the book in 1991 called “Quantum Golf” and in it, he sums golf up this way:

“Wherein an ordinary player learns that the course is the world, that the game is a process, and that, in order to “win,” the person with the club must be no more and no less than a part of nature…”

That is what Zen Golf is all about.

Over the years more and more has been written about “Zen Golf.”  In 1995, Leland T. Lewis wrote: “The Tao of Golf” and recently, Dr. Joseph Parent wrote “Zen Golf,” both outstanding books.  Golf is a game of mental mastery and awareness.  It can help you with any area of your life you want to improve, even if you have no interest in golf itself, you can use its teachings for other areas in your life.  Instruction can take so many forms depending on your goals and desire that it would be impossible for me to fit it into a ridgid cost structure and post it on this site.

So, if you have an interest as an individual, group or business in Zen Golf instruction, please contact me below for a customized program and fee structure.

I am always happy to answer any questions for those looking for resources to help them find their own path in the great game of Zen golf.  I have added web links on this page to help you find products and information I believe helpful to explore your  “Zen Golf” experience.  I receive no compensation for doing so.

Thank you,

Rick Slater

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