"work object" vs "sex object"

“work object” vs “sex object”

The term “sex object” is used mostly to describe women, but what would you use to describe men? I use the term “work objects.”

Women’s power comes from being young, beautiful and sexy, which makes them sex objects.  It doesn’t mean that’s all they are, but from nature’s point of view it does. Nature only wants the most attractive woman to survive in order to motivate the strongest man.

Men are work objects because nature only wants the fastest, smartest and strongest men to survive in order to protect and provide for women and more importantly, the children they bear. It makes sense when you see a young woman with an older man, sex object with work object.

A man is a “good catch” if he is good looking, has a good job and is a leader. A good catch is not found in the gutter or the unemployment line; they aren’t the last to be picked for sports or don’t know what to say on a date or in bed.

Woman can never be “bums” because they are not work objects and men can never be “sluts” because they are not sex objects. The whole sex object versus the work object approach doesn’t lead to happiness. This is why women like to say men get better with age while they get worse. From this perspective that is true, but they had the advantage in the first half of life before men proved themselves and created value, (see point system) which doesn’t seemed to be mentioned.

As sex objects, women secretly wish for a man that will love them without sex or being sexy. Equally, men as work objects, secretly wish for a woman to love them, even if they fail at creating something. By their very definition a sex object and a work object are natural enemies.

The point of this blog is about change. Both men and women would have to come together to drop the “object” game nature has set out for them in order to close the current divide.  This is the only way true happiness can be achieved.

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