I don’t know if there has been any one woman has ever stopped to ask herself this question; why do most men enter committed relationships with a woman?

Why do men get married? Have children and still shoulder the majority of the financial responsibility?

It is such a bad deal for him!

marriageIf a man chooses to stay single, he will not have a quarter of the stress or financial pressure a married man will go through.  Men no longer need to get married to have sex today.  They actually they never need to get married now in modern society.  So why do they do it?

Why not stay single?  And do anything you want and just pay for sex or companionship?

Think of the benefits of not getting married… No dog house.  No pressure.  No sacrifice.  No sleeping on the couch.  Think about… the mere presence of a woman puts a man at risk.  Seriously.

It seems current trends show that men are finally getting it

For example, if I am on a cruise ship with only men and it starts to sink, it is every man for himself.  Total equality.  If that same cruise ship is filled 50/50 with men and women, then it is all about getting the women to safety on the life boats first.  If there is room after all women have been safely loaded onto the life boats, then a small percentage of the men be lucky enough to join them before the ship sinks.

titanic-sinking-lifeboatsA great song by Loudon Wainwright titled “Men” has a lyric that highlights this example…

“When a ship is sinking and they lower the lifeboats and hand out the life jackets,

The men keep on their coats. The women and the children are the ones ho must go first,

And the men who try to save their skins are cowards and are cursed.

Every man’s a captain, men know how to drown.  Man the lifeboats if there’s room, otherwise go down.”


Over 3,500 men die each year coming to the aid of woman as good Samaritans.  That is an higher annual total than men dying in the war in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I heard a story on the radio of a man whose father was murdered.  He said his father met a woman over the internet who he was very excited about. This man’s father was a big man and it turned out that is why the woman he met picked him. This woman had a crazy ex-husband and she was looking for protection from another man.  She shared none of this with the man’s father.

The crazy ex-husband of the woman showed up one day with a gun and killed them both. I don’t think this woman was evil or had any ill intent on this man’s father.  It was just a woman’s nature to find a man to keep her safe without thinking about the risk that brings to the man.  I wonder how many women on that sinking cruise ship would choose to stay on deck while they loaded men into the life boats?

Men are sacrificed everyday.  Most of  them could avoid this if they just didn’t get married or come to the aid of a woman.

Twice in my life I was almost killed coming to the aid of a woman.  Once with a knife and the other with a gun.  In both cases, it never occurred to me not to try to help.

Ladies it is simple.  We are not what you think we are and maybe it is time you found out the answer to why we put ourselves under so much stress and risk for you.


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2 Responses to Marriage is not worth it for Men… So why do we do it?

  1. sai says:

    Well, men want the comfort of knowig someone is always there for them. Someone to have sex with, cook, clean, give birth to heirs and also hold down a job. Women grow depressed and fat and mental because most men (most) get lazy and stop complimenting, refuse to equally help, and pretty much use the woman as a living blow up doll/maid. So I think women get the stub of the stick. This isn’t always the case, there are some pretty crappy women out there too. But statistically speaking, most women become unloved slaves who meets everyone elses needs whilst hers are ignored.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Sal, if men are as you say they could pay for all a woman’s services for pennies on the dollar including sex so I think you should reread the last paragraph and give men more credit.

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