Everyone has heard of the expression, ‘If you got it, flaunt it’, as it pertains to a woman attractiveness.

It seems that women have embraced this belief more then ever despite that it really makes no sense.  When you have an abundance of something, does this mean you have to put in the face of the public or individual?  In front of your friends, colleagues or peers?

Should people with fabulous homes flaunt them in front of the homeless?

Should people with lots of money flaunt it in front of the poor?

Should someone with lots of food flaunt it in front of the hungry?

Just because you have an abundance of something doesn’t mean you should be insensitive to those who don’t. If a woman is sexy, she should stay covered up and share it behind closed doors with her boyfriend, husband, or partner and not in the face of those who can’t even remember what sex is.

Because you ‘got it’ is the best reason you should not flaunt it and be compassionate for those who don’t.


Floyd Mayweather flaunting his money.

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