overfillingThe best way to understand the difference between a man and a woman is to think of a man as a cup and a woman as a saucer.

Nature needs men to be cups that fill with the efforts other perform on their behalf because men need to build up credit with other men in order to bond.  You will hear a man talk about another man who may have just screwed up on his behave say: “yes he blew it but he has really been there for me in the past so I will let it slide.”

This retaining the past efforts of others is how men create value and loyalty to each other.   This is needed in nature because men must bond to go off to war or put their lives in risk in the work force for each other.

Men must also be sacrificial to their families so this acknowledgment of efforts on their behalf is critical to the human species’ survival.  But that is also why nature has made women saucers.  If you pour liquid on a saucer you can only create a thin film of liquid, if the saucer is tipped at all the fluid runs off, the saucer has no capacity to store effort like the cup does.

This is why women, even after receiving years of loyalty and service from a man, can instantly feel like they have received nothing and constantly want the man to reprove himself to restore the thin film of fluid to the saucer.

I knew a man that after 30 years of loyal service to his wife and family, when remarking that a good friend of his was getting a divorce, the first words out of his wife’s mouth were; “Are you going to divorce me?”

He was dumbfounded by this remark and shocked that his 30 years of devotion had not built up a true vision of him in the eyes of his wife. In nature, the women that bonds or trusts a man dies.  She must never trust and always reconfirm the commitment of the man who protects her for survival. This is the rule of the jungle just the way men must bond and build credits with each other to also survive.

The problem is we are no longer living life in the jungle and those rules are destroying any chance men and women have for happiness or a deeper commitment to each other. Both men and woman need to be cups because until each sees the effort put forth by the other and the heart that created it no true bond or evolution can be created between men and woman.

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