What hope do we have when those with the power don’t know they have it and the power they think they have makes things worse.

Hope will only return when they discover their true power.

Most women think their power is sexual, the power to motivate a man through sexual manipulation.  That is why women spend billions of dollars year after year to maximize their sexual manipulators.  The real truth though is that youth, sex and beauty are not the real power of femininity.

Here is a example of a woman who knew her true power.  This is a true story told to me by a woman I know.

She was walking by a construction site after her lunch hour on the way back to her office.  Four construction workers were sitting on a wall eating there lunch.  As she passed by the four men, they made suggestive sexual remarks to her followed with whistles. This was an attractive woman but she always dressed very modestly and did not believe in any flirting behavior of any kind.  Rather then feel threatened or offended, she turned to the four men and walked right up to them.

She looked each one of them in the eye and thanked them for everything they did.  She went on to thank them for the physical risk they took in constructing these buildings because with out them, she would not have an office to go to.  The men were silent and they all lowered they heads.  At that moment a fifth worker arrived and started in with a suggestive remark, and before he could finish it, the four men pounced on him and said, “You don’t talk to a lady that way.”

The fifth worker had no idea what was going on.  The four men took off their hard hats, thanked her and apologized for their earlier remarks. She thank them again and went on her way.

In one single moment, she turned these male advisories into friends.

We diminish what we fear. These men were trying to counter female sexual manipulation by diminishing it or putting it down. She saw the mens’ fear and also saw their hearts.  She opened her heart to them, and by “seeing” them, brought them in from the cold.  In an instant, she had real power and advisories were turned into allies.

You can motivate a man with sex but he will never like you.  Honor him with acknowledgement of his efforts and he will walk through fire for you.

All men know the role of a man is a bad job.  We won’t mind it if women would appreciate the fact that men do it anyway for them.

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2 Responses to The real and true power of women

  1. Richard says:

    That’s a touching story and she must be a beautiful woman to the core. Sadly though, she is probably the last one like that alive. Certainly a woman like that does not exist in Toronto.

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